How many shots of Espresso are in a Cappuccino?

“All coffee drinks have espresso in them,” you may have heard one of your espresso-enthusiast friends say. It is true that even if you dislike pure espresso, you cannot escape a hint of it regardless of the kind of coffee you consume. But how much of it is in some of your favorite drinks.

There is only one shot of espresso in a cappuccino unless you request a double shot and pay for the extra espresso. Even coffee machines are programmed to pour a single shot of espresso in a serving of cappuccino. So a cappuccino contains the same amount of caffeine as a standard espresso.

In this article, we will explore what it means for a cappuccino to have a single espresso. By the end, you will know whether buying a larger serving changes anything and the side effects of the espresso in your cappuccino. You will also discover whether there’s more espresso in a cappuccino or a latter. But first, let’s look at serving sizes and possible espresso quantity variations.

Does a large cappuccino have more espresso?

When you order your coffee, you get asked whether you would like a regular serving or a large one. This question is called an upsell, and the business is expecting you to opt for the upgrade. Usually, the larger beverage is priced at only a slightly higher price point, but it doesn’t always deliver twice the value.

A large cappuccino has the same amount of espresso as a small cappuccino. The difference is in the amount of milk added to the beverage or the water added to the espresso. You can get more espresso by specifically asking for a double shot, which is charged according to the coffee shop’s menu.

You might be wondering why people even opt for larger espressos if they deliver the same amount of caffeine as a regular cup. It might seem counterintuitive as well since large cups have more calories. The answer lies in what the customer values. 

For those who want to feel alert and focused, the true value lies in the espresso. But most people who order a cappuccino or equivalent coffee beverages prefer the taste or the social consumption aspect.

A large cup of cappuccino allows you to have a long conversation while slowly enjoying your drink. It also might hit the right spot for coffee novices who don’t like the standard ratio of espresso in a regular cup. 

In a larger cup, the espresso is better diluted. If you do not value longer consumption time or milder tasting coffee, you should not order a large cappuccino at a coffee shop. Getting two cups might offer better value.

How much caffeine is in a standard cappuccino?

Now that you know how many shots of espresso there are in a cappuccino, it is time to consider the amount of caffeine in the cup. If this doesn’t match your standard caffeine consumption, you can opt for a double shot. But in most cases, you will not need more than a regular cappuccino with a single shot of espresso.

There are 80 milligrams of caffeine in a cappuccino that contains a single shot of espresso. With 400 mg of caffeine being the healthy dosage for adults, you might need three servings of cappuccino spaced 4 to 6 hours apart to stay alert throughout the day.

Remember, even though cappuccino has half the caffeine an adult needs, people who have developed a tolerance for coffee consumption can consume four shots of espresso in a day and still feel sleepy by nighttime. 

Ultimately, the amount of caffeine that’s good for you is dictated by your metabolism. That’s why you should watch out for the following symptoms of caffeine overdose, even if you’re starting with something as mild as a single serving of cappuccino.

  • Anxiety – If you find yourself biting your nails or having a restless leg, you might have to cut your caffeine consumption to half an espresso shot per cappuccino.
  • Heart palpitations – In case you experience an irregular heartbeat and sudden palpitation, you should probably cut back on your coffee consumption.
  • Pacing back and forth – This is a sign of anxious energy explained earlier. You should properly hydrate if you feel restless.
  • Clenched teeth – If you end up involuntarily clenching your teeth, you should cut out coffee entirely and drink more water.

How many calories are in a cappuccino?

While the symptoms of caffeine overdose can seem scary, in reality, a cappuccino lover is usually not at risk of overdosing on caffeine. He has a higher risk of becoming overweight by consuming liquid calories.

A cappuccino has 130 to 250 calories, which can account for up to one-quarter of an adult male’s calories needs. These beverages are fattening if not consumed in moderation. They can be addictive due to their caffeine content, which makes them particularly risky for prediabetic individuals.

Espresso Shots In Different Cappuccinos

While the standard cappuccino contains only one shot of espresso, the number of shots also varies depending on the size and cappuccino variant.

Here’s a table explaining espresso shots in different types of cappuccinos:

Cappuccino TypeNumber of Shots

These are the standard shot numbers, irrespective of the brand of cappuccino you drink.

Espresso Shots In Different Coffee-Based Drinks

If you’re wondering about the average number of espresso shots in various coffee-based drinks, we hear you. While cappuccino contains one or two shots based on the size and variant, other coffee-based drinks can vary in their numbers.

DrinkNumber of Espresso Shots
Flat white2

Cappuccino vs. Latte? Which has more caffeine?

When it comes to coffee beverages that are smoother than black coffee, latte and cappuccino are the beverages of choice. Knowing that a cappuccino contains a single shot of espresso, you might wonder whether Lattes also feature a single shot. The short answer is they do.

Cappuccino and latte have the same amount of caffeine because they both contain a single shot of espresso alongside other additives. However, cappuccinos have a bolder flavor because of less milk. Lattes are more sugary and can lead to a sugar crash despite having the same caffeine high.

Latte is also dismissed more often than a cappuccino, which is seen as an acceptable adult beverage even by espresso purists. That said, you should not look for the approval of coffee snobs when consuming the coffee you love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do All Cappuccinos Contains Espresso Shots

All cappuccinos contain at least one espresso shot on average to produce rich, aromatic coffee flavor. Further, cappuccinos include espressos as primary ingredients, and the number of shots can increase based on the type of cappuccino.

How Many Shots Of Espresso In A 12 oz Cappuccino

A 12 oz cappuccino contains a double shot, and any quantity of cappuccino above 12 oz will also contain two shots to maintain thickness and balance milk to coffee ratio.

Final Thoughts

There’s only one shot of espresso in a cappuccino which means that if you can’t find your regular fix of espresso, you can get any kind of cappuccino (bottled, barista-brewed, vending machine type) and get the same amount of caffeine. You might need to walk and exercise to burn the extra calories, though, but you will get your fix of caffeine.

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