Best Teas to Drink in the Morning

If you don’t want the immediate caffeine high of coffee and dislike cold beverages like Orange juice in the morning, it seems like what’s left is tea. But tea isn’t just one beverage. There are over one thousand different teas, which is good for variety but overwhelming for choice.

The best types of teas to drink in the morning are fruit teas like Yogi Tea Sweet Tangerine, black tea-like Twinings English Breakfast Tea, and Milk Tea like Tazo Chai Tea. Fruit Tea accompanies a small breakfast, while black tea is best with a square meal.

In this article, you will learn more about the flavor and formulation of each of the following teas:

  • Yogi Tea Sweet Tangerine – Positive Energy
  • Twinings of London English Breakfast Black Tea
  • Yogi Tea Herbal Stress Relief, Honey Lavender
  • Tazo Organic Chai Tea

Yogi Tea Sweet Tangerine – Positive Energy

There’s something about the citric flavor that goes well with waking up. That’s why orange juice is the quintessential breakfast beverage. Yogi Tea’s tangerine tea brings this flavor element to the tea medium, resulting in a warm drink that is soothing as a fruit tea and refreshing as a citric spark in the morning.

The beverage opens with a tangerine aroma, and the flavor is most noticeable at the beginning of a sip. Its aftertaste is closer to floral tea than fruit tea, which creates a craving for the next tangy sip. Made with over 71% organic ingredients and zero preservatives or artificial ingredients, this drink is healthier than most bottled-juice products.

Ingredients-wise, you’d be surprised by the absence of actual tangerine peels. This tea is a blend of Assam black tea, Shankhpushpi herb, ashwagandha leaves, and tulsi. These organic ingredients of Indian origin are in line with the Yogi Tea brand that is grounded in the Indian spiritual culture.

This tea is ideal for people who have a light breakfast. The inclusion of Black Assam Tea results in tea tannins that can be nauseating on an empty stomach. However, this isn’t regular black tea and has plenty of floral and herbal elements, which can suppress appetite. Most people who would love this tea have half a toast or a granola bar for breakfast.

Out of over 2,800 reviews and ratings, this product has a global average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. 94% of the verified customers have given it 4 or 5 stars, mainly because of its scent and flavor. The aroma of the tea and its taste are its highest-rated specific features.

Twinings of London English Breakfast Black Tea

Black tea in England is what orange juice is in America. It is paired with a full breakfast and is brewed in almost every household. The beverage is calorie-free but not caffeine-free, which is why it also replaces coffee for those who have never gotten accustomed to the high caffeine contents of coffee. 

The breakfast tea is quite literally called a ‘breakfast’ tea because it helps wake you up. But if you have had coffee before on a semi-regular basis, then this is more of an evening beverage. The flavor profile of an English breakfast tea is bifurcated. It has an earthen opening note with an almost charred middle. 

The aftertaste of the tea is bitter, which alongside its rough texture, can pull you out of a sleepy state. Milk is added to the breakfast tea just to produce a smoothen the texture but becomes a full-fledged flavor enhancer.

This product is a pack of teabags as opposed to loose tea. The loose tea version consists of dried tea leaves in a single bag. These need to be boiled and filtered, but a tea bag serves as its own filter, which means you simply pour boiling water into a cup and dunk the teabag in. It is very easy to prepare, making it an excellent choice for people who don’t have a lot of time to make their morning tea.

While black tea is more of a commodity product than a brand product, Twinings has a history of sourcing and shipping high-quality tea since the 1700s. The overall positive rating of this product shows that the brand’s quality is upheld to this day. 

With over 64,000 reviews and ratings, this tea is rated at an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars. 96% of the customers have given it 4 to 5 stars, with a majority of the customers complementing the tea’s freshness and scent.

This tea is ideal for people who have a big breakfast. If your morning meal qualifies as an actual meal, you should accompany it with this tea. In case you have toast, bread, or cereal for breakfast, you should add milk to the black tea to make the beverage a part of the meal and not just an accent to it.

Yogi Tea Herbal Stress Relief, Honey Lavender

Not everyone wakes up to jump into a high-functioning environment. Plenty of creatives, early risers, and long-haul commuters like to wake up more slowly. Yogi’s herbal tea featuring lavender and honey flavor is ideal for accompanying the calm of the morning. 

Imagine sitting on a serene, secluded balcony overlooking a beautiful expanse of natural green. If that’s what an ideal morning looks like, this tea can bring you pretty close to it. Honey makes up a bulk of the aftertaste, while lavender is more evident in the scent and the opening notes of the beverage. 

Honey and lavender are known for relieving stress, but the actual ingredients used in this tea to aid stress reduction are lemon balm leaf and the passionflower extract. The tea has an overall citrus flavor with a semi-sweet aftertaste. It can be aided with stevia sweetener if you’re leaning on the low-calorie side. Stevia complements the taste profile instead of overpowering it because Stevia leaves are also used in the making of this tea. This product is a blend of 9 herbs!

With over 3,500 reviews and ratings, Yogi Tea Herbal Stress Relief gets an average of 4.7 stars out of 5. 92% of the customers have given it 5 or 4 stars, and both these indicators align with how Yogi Tea products usually fare with its buyers. Even the flavor and scent being the highest-rated specific aspects is similar to Yogi’s tangerine tea.

Tazo Organic Chai Tea

Where black tea and other milk-congruent teas are sourced from India, Chai is India’s own take on tea. The beverage was created after tea cultivation began in India under British rule. Britain’s move to be independent of the Chinese tea trade resulted in one of the most popular beverages in the world. 

Chai was introduced to America by Indian immigrants and got a second life with the cultural exchange that occurred with the Yoga tourism boom in the early 2000s. Now, chai tea gets social approval as it is seen as the beverage of the culturally educated residents of a global world.

Unlike regular black tea, this chai tea product features spices that add a distinct flavor to the beverage. It is reminiscent of black pepper and woodsy notes and has an unmistakable physiological signature. If you like to engage in creative work in the morning, having this tea can create a strong association between the creative session and the work. 

This works for anything you do in the morning, for which you need your brain to get ready. This includes mustering up the motivation to workout, getting calm to meditate, or simply feeling alert to do your morning chores.

Like most black tea, this product is caffeinated, but its caffeine content is a fraction of what is in half a shot of espresso. In case you don’t drink coffee regularly, the caffeine in chai tea be quite stimulating. Even if you’re trying to kick the coffee habit, you can use chai to reduce the amount of caffeine you consume instead of cutting it out entirely.

Please note that since chai tea is usually consumed with milk, it can be calorie-dense. That’s not good if you are trying to lose weight or health is the primary reason you’re trying to consume tea. 

You can hold the milk or use nut milk, low-calorie milk replacement, and even diet coffee creamer to make the chai tea smoother-tasting. The package comes with 20 tea bags, which can make ten strong cups of tea and twenty regular cups. Its longevity, once opened, is about a month, which is well within a cup a day regimen.

Out of 1400 reviews and ratings, this product has a global average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. This is very high for a self-prep product but makes sense because there is very little one can do to mess up a cup of tea made with a teabag.

Final Thoughts

The best tea to drink in the morning is dictated by what you want out of the beverage. If you’re looking for something to suppress your appetite, then a tannin-free tea like some fruit teas would be perfect. If you want something to accompany a square meal, black tea (with or without milk) will be ideal for you. Most people buy a range of teas so they can brew the one that matches their mood each morning. You should try all of the ones covered in this post, so you can decide which flavor becomes your morning habit.

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